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We will


a high-quarity



Basic Manicure   \3,240

Cuticle care + filing + base + polish + top coat


Special Manicure   \5,400

Basic care + Massage + Paraffin pack



Care   \ 1,620

Remove the cuticles or extra horny


Dry care  \ 325

Arrange pushes up the cuticles


Color   \ 1,080~

Please choose the color of your choice


Color off  \ 540

Drop a color in the friendly remover to nail


File   \ 540

prepares well-balanced length and shape of the nails


Buffing   \ 1,080

Gloss over by Shine the unevenness of the nail


Massage   \ 1,080~

Please choose the scent of your favorite cream


Scrub   \ 1,620

Remove the back of the hand of the old horny and make shiny

※It is recommended that you moisturizing


Paraffin pack   \ 2,160

Pack in a highly moisturizing force wax

※More effective when it is in conjunction with massage


Base & Top   \ 540

For the protection of the nails、It finishes in the base coat and a top coat for not the color ring for customers、


UV topcoat   \ 540

Coating the top coat that contains the UV gel , harden in the light

※Dry will reduce the time


Basio Pedicure   \5,940

Foot bath + cuticle care + filing + exfoliating + base + polish + top coat


Special Pedicure   \8,640

Basic care + Scrub + Massage



Foot Bath   \540

※All foot mamu you must take with


Care   \2,160


Color   \1,620~


Exfoliating(with Cream)   \ 1,620

Remove the sole of the stratum corneum and Finish the slippery painted cream


Scrub   \ 1,080

Remove the dead skin of the instep and ankle of the foot and make shiny


UV topcoat   \ 1,080

Coating the top coat that contains the UV gel , harden in the light

※Dry will reduce the time





【Campaign】※Foot Gel + \540

One color or Gradation Gel   \3,990

With cuticle care + filing


Design Gel   \4,990~

Franch and more



Because Bio Gel reduces almost none of the own nails, I can minimize the damage to a nail.

Durability is good with superior flexibility and totally have the appearance such as the own nail and is a feeling.

In addition, it is recommended for the reinforcement of the own nail because there is strength than Calgel.



Clear (ten)   \6,500

Color   \7,600

Gradation   \8,650

French   \10,800


Our original nail change (one)   \110

This doesn't damage your nail.


Soft Gel off

only off / change   \325/\220 


Hard Gel off

only off / change   \540/\435 


Extention   \650



※I prepare for the Foot menu of Bio Gel.


Soft Gel

Conspiracy   \110

let a crack adhere and reinforce it.  


Silk   \540                                  

complete silk on a crack and the part which I want to strengthen and reinforce it by conspiracy.              


Floater   \865                             

reinforce it using acrylic and gel.

Nail Art 

Art (lam,Jolo, flat, 3D, stone)   \70~        Lame gradation   \1,080~                    

French   \2,160~                                      Plsease choose the favorite design


Chip overlay(one)  \865

Attaching the chip to the toe , it will finish put the sculpture on it


French sculpture   \ 975

It is a standard design to make with two color


Natural sculpture  \ 1,080

It is a natural finish close to the natural nails


Clear sculpture   \ 1,300

It finishes such as glass a sense of transparency


Lame sculpture   \ 1,515

Please choose your favorite lame            ※Chose one color


Lame Gradation sculpture   \ 1,730~

Finish in two colors of lame by gradation


Gel coat  (ten)   \ 2,160

coat it with gel for finish of the sculpture

keep beautiful luster, and the art such as rhinestones lasts a long time


Acrylic off  (one)                                 Only off / change   \435/\325


Hard Gel off(one)                             Only off / change   \540/\435                   


Phil(one)   \ 220

Fix the has been extended portion and have floated part


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